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WILDBORNEO.net is a home-grown initiative that aims to promote the best of Nature Tourism in Malaysia. We strive to provide the most accurate information on WILDBORNEO.net. We have been providing an independent, internet-based travel guide to Malaysian nature and destinations since 1998. Explore WILDBORNEO.net for opportunities to market and promote your business. A simple place to start is to Get Listed in our Travel Directories. To support this free service, please feel free to display our Customised Banner on your web site(s). As part of our expansion, we have also launched a new business-service, the WILDBORNEO.net Sponsorship Programme. This is a simple way to develop internet-exposure in a cheap and affordable manner, on one of Malaysia's leading Nature and Travel site.

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Through our "Sponsorship Programme", WILDBORNEO.net offers one of the cheapest vehicles for advertising your resort, tours or services. Your exposure is online all day, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You may sponsor any page on the WILDBORNEO.net website. You choose, the entire site is open for sponsorships, including the main index page.

When you sponsor a page, you can choose one of many ways to advertise your company or travel service. It may be in the form of a picture logo and brief text or simply a picture logo or button. These will be linked either to your own website (hotlinked) or you have the option to link internally to a one-page profile hosted free on WILDBORNEO.net.

In addition, as a WILDBORNEO.net sponsor:

  • You will be automatically listed in the WILDBORNEO.net Travel Directory;
  • You will be given priority listings each time your company name is listed in our Travel Directories (this means your company name will always come out at the top of the every list it appears).
  • You will be automatically included in our Travel Helpers email group (your direct contact to travellers to Malaysia).



Malaysia's Leading Independent, Internet-based Nature Tourism Guide

Yes, there are many travel websites, but only one WILDBORNEO.net. We have been around since 1998 and have been working hard to provide a free information service to travellers worldwide.


We get on average about 1000 visitors a week to our website (thats about 48,000 visitors a year!). These are quality visits by people wanting to learn more about Malaysian nature and its destinations. We do not waste our time or our resources on offering gimmicks, nor do we spend our efforts on internet-schemes, those that aim to channel mass internet traffic to websites. We simply maintain quality content and our visitors have been coming from all over the world.

Internet search engines

Web promotion is partly about getting listed on search engines. Every 3 months we update our listings on over 1000 search engines worldwide. To boost our search engine hits, we have worked very hard to create a broad content base to ensure that we get a "hit". Our top-five internet search engine referrals include: Yahoo, Google, Lycos, MSN, and Netscape.


Developing a web community

WILDBORNEO.net is also listed on other travel sites. This is important as it helps generate "quality" traffic back to our site. Partnerships with Duriansun.com, a travel website for Southeast Asia, for example allows us to reach a wider web-based audience. We are currently initiating discussions with Tourism Malaysia as well as other travel sites to ensure that partnerships are forged.

Interact with Travel Helpers

WILDBORNEO.net is also promoted through our email Travel Helper group. This has been a free travel query service that has been in operation for a number of years. This is an avenue for people to ask us travel-related questions. We have had to answer queries that range from "Please send me information on Sabah" to "Can I ride my motorcycle from Kalimantan to Malaysia". All queries were answered. Our Travel Helpers are built up of nature lovers and those in the travel business. It is a good way to promote not only WILDBORNEO.net but also individual services.

Publicity in the print media

WILDBORNEO.net works with a number of travel writers and many of the Travel Features hosted on WILDBORNEO.net have been published in the print media (both locally and internationally). Articles have appeared in local newspapers, local-circulation magasines (Day&Night;, VOX, or MAS Going Places) or in specialised-magasines (ASEAN Geographic, Malayan Naturalist). If you'd like more coverage for a destination, lets us know. We will be happy to commission one of our travel writers to develop some useful articles.

New Partnerships

Forming partnerships to offer authoritative "travel & nature content" has been ongoing since the onset of WILDBORNEO.net. This is important as it broadens our content-base and helps us draw in more and more visitors. In the pipeline are:

  • Maps of Malaysia This is a partnership with a Geographic Information Systems-specialist, to deliver this exciting new technology. Maps will no longer be static. You can select any destination in Malaysia, zoom in and out of the maps, or even virtually-fly over any area of interest!
  • Natural History of Frogs This will provide a definitive web-guide to Malaysian frogs. It will present a pictorial guide to the frogs of Malaysia, discuss the finer points of frog natural history and share field notes from one of the most active herpetologists in Malaysia.
  • Caves and Caving in Malaysia With the help of a renowned local caver, we are developing a cavers guide to Malaysia. This will be an internet guide, with pictures, highlighting caving destinations and providing useful advice for visiting cavers.
  • Photographic Guide to Malaysian Birds As an avid bird-watcher, I am particularly pleased to be partnering with a local photographer to develop a pictorial guide to Malaysian birds.


To become a sponsor, you can also send us an email (rayazmi@yahoo.com) or to reach us by phone, contact + 019 250 9160 (mobile).



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