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Going beyond stories and fluff about nature and travel in Malaysia. Our Travel Guides are simple no nonsense guides to help you get outdoors in Malaysia. If you want to cycle, dive, go caving or whatever. Our Travel Guides are good starting points for learning about where are the best places to go, who can help you get there, which local societies you could contact and all the other bits of info you need. Another important resource that complements these guides are our Travel Directories. We currently have well over 500 listings and this continues to grow.

Bicycling Malaysia

Bicycling Malaysia by Reza Azmi (5/29/2002). Cycling in Malaysia…where to take your bikes offroad and some of the more memorable routes to explore across Malaysia. » More

Birding Malaysia

Bird Watching in Malaysia by Reza Azmi (4/29/2002). Bird watching, birding and getting the most from your travels in Malaysia. » More

Caving Malaysia

Caves and caving in Malaysia by Liz Price (5/27/2002). Malaysia has some of the biggest and longest limestone caves in the world, some are archaeological sites, others are beautiful with stalagmites and stalactites, and maybe underground rivers. Some caves are home to a wide variety of cave fauna such as bats, swiftlets, snakes, and invertebrates. » More

Cycle Touring

Cycle Touring Malaysia by Joe Adnan (6/13/2002). Touring Malaysia on bicycles may at first appear to be a foolhardy proposition: the trunk roads are death traps for slow-moving two-wheelers, being infested with drivers whose disregard for traffic rules are matched only by their apparent predilection for chaos. But yet the more orderly expressways are off-limits to bicycles. In addition, the equatorial heat can be oppressive at best, and dangerous at worst. But a careful selection of routes can reap unexpected rewards. Our route took us 800 kilometres in 8 days. The philosophy of the trip was always to take the road less travelled, even if it meant a more undulating route or longer distance. From Kuala Lumpur, we crossed the Main Range twice in a large, inverted "C" and ended the journey in Penang. » More

Offroad 4x4

Offroad 4x4 by Reza Azmi (4/29/2002). A unique opportunity to explore the hinterland of Malaysia is by getting off the main routes and using rural or logging roads. We give an insight into the opportunities for offroad adventures in Malaysia. » More

Travel Malaysia

Planes, trains, and automobiles… by Reza Azmi (4/29/2002). A low-down on all modes of transport in Malaysia…the airlines, train routes and other transport. » More

Diving Malaysia

Where to Dive & Snorkel? by Reza Azmi (4/29/2002). Diving, snorkling and islands of Malaysia. Read all about it here… » More


Travel Helper, Robert Chong (Sabah)

Photo: WILDBORNEO.net Travel Helper & nature guide Robert Chong - © WILDBORNEO.net


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