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Immigration (tourism, business or research) & Health Requirements

Not an immigrant!

In order to visit Malaysia, the following immigration & health regulations are currently in place. If you intend to work in Malaysia, I suggest you contact the Immigration Department or the nearest Malaysian Embassy/Consulatefor more information. If you are planning to conduct research in Malaysia, you are advised to contact the nearest mission to you. The process can take some time; you will need a local counterpart in Malaysia and approval from the National Economic Planning Unit (EPU).

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Do you need a visa?

Commonwealth citizens (except those from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka), British protected persons or citizens from the Republic of Ireland, Switzerland, the Netherlands, San Marino and Liechtenstein do not require a visa to enter Malaysia. Citizens of Algeria, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Japan, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, South Korea, Luxembourg, Norway, North Yemen, Oman, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Italy, Turkey, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and the USA do not require visas for a visit not exceeding three months.

Citizens of ASEAN countries, Argentina, and Poland do not require visas for a visit not exceeding one month. Citizens of Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Syria, South Africa and the Commonwealth of Independent States do not require visas for a visit not exceeding two weeks.

Citizens of Albania, Bulgaria, Romania and Russia do not require visas for a visit not exceeding one week.

Citizens of North Korea, Cuba, Vietnam and the People's Republic of China are permitted to enter Malaysia subject to visa approval.

Citizens of countries other than the above are permitted to enter Malaysia for a visit not exceeding one month without a visa.

Citizens of Israel are not permitted to enter Malaysia.

If visitors wish to enter Malaysia and remain for more than two weeks for the purpose of a social or business visit or with intention to take up employment, they must obtain visas prior to their arrival in Malaysia. This, however, does not apply to the following: (a) citizens of countries with whom Malaysia has entered into partial or total visa abolition agreements and (b) holders of a certificate of identity who require visas in any case to enter Malaysia for whatever purpose.

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Vaccinations Required

No cholera or smallpox vaccination is required for travellers entering Malaysia. However, in the case of yellow fever, vaccination is required for persons arriving from infected areas and from yellow fever endemic zones. Children under one year of age are exempted.

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