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Planning Scientific (Research) Expeditions

Trekking in KuantanThere have been numerous international scientific expeditions to Malaysia over the years. In the old days this was easier to organise from abroad as the bureaucratic requirements were much simpler. If you are planning to organise a scientific expedition today, you will need first to obtain a local collaborator who will act as your formal local counterpart. An application to conduct research activities in Malaysia will have to be submitted. The National Economic Planning Unit will then vet your application for approval. This process could take one to several months (Immigration Department). You are best contacting your local counterpart for information regarding the formal procedures for taking out samples/specimens home. If it is plant samples that are required, please contact the curator of the national herbarium at FRIM (KLU, is its official herbarium acronym). If you are unsure how to proceed, email WILDBORNEO.net, we might be able to assist.


Photo: Trekking in Kuantan, Pahang - © WILDBORNEO.net


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