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Travelling with Dogs

Jerry at the sea

Where to stay?

Travelling around in Peninsular Malaysia with your dog is a little tricky, especially if you do not have your own transport. By rule of thumb, no one is going to let you ride their car with your dog. If you have the luxury of your own transport, the next battle is finding accommodation that will let you keep your dog either: (a) with you in the room (rare) or (b) in their kennels (also rare) this really leaves few options, either your dog will have to stay in the car or remain tied-up outside a particular establishment. I have been told there are places that allow (a) but this is quite rare. I have been told Cameronian Inn (Cameron Highlands) allows you to keep your pooch in their kennels or if you ask, might also let you keep them in your room.

Its not all very straight forward I am afraid. When our dog travels with us, I am usually prepared for her to sleep in the car, or if there is a shaded and sheltered location close to where we sleep she is on a long leash tied to a cork-screw type leash-holder or anywhere sensible. In Borneo, people usually do not have the same "phobias" as west Malaysians probably as many folk have been brought up with hunting dogs. It is therefore a little easier having the dog tied up on the veranda of resthouses or staying within your rooms!

In the forest

When I am out in the field, I usually try to bring my dog Jerry along. Jerry is comfortable in the forest but I try to restrict her in the jungles at night (largely as most of the larger mammals, especially those that will cause her much harm are active at night). Picking up fleas and ticks are also high on the list of concerns (but a dose of Frontline after each trip usually takes care of this). Cuts or deep gashes are also common, and picking up leach-bites in the jungles is inevitable. Keeping these open wounds or scratches clean is important. Antiseptic cream and spray-on dressing will keep those minor cuts clean but the deeper cuts will need bandages to help the wound heal and keep the flies away from the wound. I suppose it would be better to keep her on-the-lead but Jerry simply loves being outdoors, and to restrict her will be most unfair.

Pooch-friendly Accommodation

To help those that want to travel around with their dog, I have started a small list of accommodation around Malaysia (inc. Borneo) which allows the family pooch; I will post them here soon. If you know of any places to recommend or if you have any advise for pooch-travellers, do drop us a line at

Coming to Malaysia?

If you are planning stay in Malaysia (or are leaving) and are worried about your pet travelling, we've gone through it twice now, and have some useful contacts and advice. Just drop us a note at


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