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Some of the best dives in Peninsular Malaysia can be found off its east coast. The best times to dive are between the drier months (April and October) and it is best to avoid the east coast during the Northeast monsoons (usually between November and March).

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If you find yourself confined to the west coast of Malaysia, especially during the Northeast monsoons (November to March, when the east coast is usually avoided), some good diving can still be enjoyed. The best months are during the drier months, of course, between November and March. A word of advice, don't be put off by the tourist-hype about Langkawi, there is still much natural beauty to enjoy on and off this island.

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Turtle Island



A duty-free port although often not on any ones "must see" destinations. Nonetheless, some challenging wreck dives can be enjoyed. These dives are not recommended for the novice, and one should ideally be trained in wreck/cave diving.

  • Labuan Wreck dives

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Most of the waters around Sarawak are not great dive locations owing to its shallow waters and lying off coastlines with a number of muddy, swampy, estuaries. These islands listed here still offer some decent coral reef diving.

  • Katori Maru
  • Pulau Satang Besar
  • Pulau Talang Talang besar

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The most famous dive site in Sabah is Sipadan island. However, there are a number of other dive sites that are worthwhile to explore. Most of these make good snorkelling destinations or are suitable for novice divers. The Sabah's islands are diveable almost year round, although do expect more rain between November and March.

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The Spratlys are some 600 islands and reefs that stretch across the South China Sea from Borneo to Vietnam. Layang-layang atoll, which is within Malaysian waters, offers exciting wall diving with lots of opportunities to observe large pelagic fish.

  • Layang-layang

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Fishing platform

Photos (from top): Turtle Island, Sabah; Fishing platform, Sulu sea - © WILDBORNEO.net


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