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Bicycling Malaysia, Cycle Friendly Routes

Far from a compendium of Malaysian cycling routes, as I have said earlier, its only my little-project! These are routes that I have cycled and have enjoyed. Sorry, for the bias of the near-KL routes, its a reflection of my own wanderings and not an indication that the rest of the Peninsular is un-cycle-friendly. If there are any other cyclist willing to contribute cycle-friendly routes do email me at rayazmi@yahoo.com.

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Bike Friendly Routes

Kuala Pilah and Sri Menanti, Negri Sembilan Rolling hills and quaint villages are the main feature of this area. The villages around Sri Menanti, a royal town, are some of the prettiest in Malaysia. A rich historic royal town, it's a place most people forget exists. Getting there: From via Ulu Langat or Seremban to Kuala Pilah. » Sri Menanti Map

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Kuantan to Tasik Chini, Pahang I've driven this road, but it is quiet, scenic and a cycle ride that I'd want to do someday. Getting there: Head south from Kuantan. » Tasik Chini Map

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Sg. Lembing, Pahang A nice run out of Kuantan. It starts depressingly enough (new development) but what awaits you at the end are forests and a village that time forgot. Getting there: From Kuantan, follow the signs for Sg Lembing. » Sg. Lembing Map

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Batu Arang and West Selangor, Selangor Getting away from the busy roads is easy through some of the minor roads that criss-cross west Selangor. You can use this route to cycle to Kuala Selangor or the fireflies centre. Getting there: Head for Sg Buloh and find your way to the main road to Kuala Selangor. » West Selangor Map

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Old Gombak Road, Selangor This has been my favourite route for ages´┐Żunfortunately, that was only because the road had been closed due to a landslide. Nonetheless, it's a nice route leading you up from the forests of Gombak to the upper hill forests at Genting Sempah. Expect an uphill cycle. Getting there: Start at Gombak, and make your way up to Genting Sempah. You can also start on the Genting Sempah end too. » Old Gombak Road Map

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Ulu Langat and Beyond, Selangor This is a nice weekend spot for cycling. Some quiet roads through villages and a route never short of small stalls to refuel! Getting there: You can get to Ulu Langat via Ampang or Cheras. » Ulu Langat Map

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Ulu Yam and Beyond, Selangor A nice route, the reward at the end of this rolling route is a great "caf´┐Ż" that serves good nasi kerabu (an east coast breakfast meal). Be warned, your return journey home is a long long uphill. Getting there: From Batu Caves, its easy to find your way to the Ulu Yam dam. » Ulu Yam Map

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