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Bicycling Malaysia, Offroad Trails

Tapping into the rich resource base of trail guides contributed by Joe Adnan, we present a number of offroad trails around Malaysia. If there are any other cyclist willing to contribute offroad trail routes do email me at rayazmi@yahoo.com.

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Offroad Trails

Batu Dam, Selangor The forested area surrounding the Batu Dam contains scenic singletrack trails that wind along the Batu Lake shore and into the surrounding hills. These trails, which are 100% singletrack, are excellent: beautiful scenery, fast and swoopy descents, and sufficiently challenging climbs. Though not as technically demanding as Bukit Kiara, these trails are nevertheless highly enjoyable. The shaded lakeshore singletrack is incomparably scenic. The trails cross several streams, all of which are crystal clear, offering opportunities for cool dips at convenient intervals. The ascent into the hills will take you past serene bamboo groves and into secondary and rejuvenated jungle. The descents are fast - smooth and sinuous, like Boner in Bukit Kiara, only much longer. Batu Dam is one of the best riding areas near KL. If you are a visitor to KL and only have a day to ride, this trail would be it, as it effectively conveys the essence of mountain biking in the tropical jungle.

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Sg. Dua, Pahang Kampung Sungai Dua is located in Pahang, near the town of Karak, slightly over an hour's drive out of KL. The Sungai Dua trail, located just past Kg Sungai Dua, is an arduous 40 kilometre out-and-back 4wd trail that goes deep into the Lentang forest reserve. The principal attraction of the trail is the impressive 100-foot Kerau waterfall located at its end. Another notable feature is its numerous stream crossings.

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Kg. Pusu, Selangor Kampung Sungai Pusu provides access to the jungle trails in the Hulu Gombak Forest Reserve. The trails pass through lowland and hill forests. Some of the trails will take you into the Klang Gates water catchment area, and ultimately to the lake itself. There are two areas that will be dealt with separately, the trails south-east of Kg Sg Pusu, and those heading north and north-west of the village.

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Bukit Kiara, Kuala Lumpur The trails of Kiara have attained a somewhat exalted status among the mountain biking cognoscenti in KL. But let's have a little perspective, North Shore it ain't. Nevertheless, within the comfortable confines of our very own tempurung, Bukit Kiara is da bomb. The trails comprise mainly of singletrack. Technical singletrack. Well, as technical as it gets without 7 inches of suspension and 5 kgs of body armour, that is.

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