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Bicycling Malaysia, Cycle Friendly Routes

These are routes that I have cycled and have enjoyed. Sorry, for the bias of the near-KL routes, its a reflection of my own wanderings and not an indication that the rest of the Peninsular is un-cycle-friendly. If there are any other cyclist willing to contribute cycle-friendly routes do email me at rayazmi@yahoo.com.

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Cycle Routes around Negri Sembilan

Around Kuala Pilah

Kuala Pilah is a nice base for weekend cycling. The Kuala Pilah Resthouse is where we usually stay. Its got simple rooms or chalets that are no more than a RM100 per night and has a great Chinese restaurant. Probably one of the last few Government owned-resthouses which still serves beer! There is also a small path up a forested hill here and is a good place to night spot in the evenings for owls and other night life. To get to Kuala Pilah head out of KL on the Seremban highway and take the exit for route 51. Alternatively, head out of Selangor via Ulu Langat. This is a scenic, but long route.

East of Kuala Pilah

A scenic route, relatively flat with low traffic. About a 50 km circuit. From the resthouse, head down the hill to the bottom, across the traffic lights will take you on to route N117, keep left. About 3 km down this road, take route N120, then N127 and you'll join a main road N22. Head east to the next junction, then north on N17 (this is the only stretch with any kind of traffic and heavy vehicles) for about 8 km. You'll soon find route N112 which will take you back to Kuala Pilah. There is an alternative route back about 5 km out of Kuala Pilah via route N127, then N126.

All routes are taken from Malaysian Government Road Maps. These can be viewed online here.

Sri Menanti, the royal town

A 50 km or so run from Kuala Pilah to the royal town of Sri Menanti. Its not well known on the tourist circuit but is well worth the visit. There are two ways there. The first starts from the resthouse, heading west and parallel to the main road (route 51). Turn right out of the resthouse gates, and then right at the next T-junction and then right again. You are now on N3, follow this for one km or so before taking N01 through tiny villages. At Kg PURUN, turn left and then left again onto N135 which will soon spit you out back on route 51. Sri Menanti is signposted its directly due south of you.

For the second route, head down the hill from the resthouse. Turn right at the lights through the town and keep going. This is route 9, follow it for about 4 km and take the first right on to N24. This should take you all the way to Sri Menanti. The first stretch is busy (on route 9) but you are only on it for a short way. Both these routes will effectively take you off route 51 which is the major way to Seremban and can be busy with traffic.

All routes are taken from Malaysian Government Road Maps. These can be viewed online here.

Pasoh Forest Reserve

Pasoh Forest Reserve is usually a stop on the way back. This forest area, has been a study site for many studies of tropical rainforests and is a good spot for nightbirds. Technically you MUST get permission to enter these forests (contact the Forest Research Institute Malaysia in KL).To get to Pasoh, head north on route 9 to Simpang Pertang. You'll find a turning to FELDA DUA one km before the town. Read more information, read up our Pasoh Guide.

We usually park off the main road, at the entrance to Felda Dua. There is a small coffee shop here and your stuff will be safe here. About 3 km in you'll find a small turn-off down a dirt track to the Research Centre. A nice offroad cycle route is the nature trail (just before the centre area, marked "Denai Alam"). Follow this till you hit the main research trail, turning left will take you back out and right will take you deeper in to the forest area.

All routes are taken from Malaysian Government Road Maps. These can be viewed online here.

Home via Kuala Klawang

From Simpang Pertang, take route 86 westwards towards Titi or Kuala Klawang and then north towards Selangor. You will eventually hit Ulu Langat, then the shortcut to Ampang and then KL town. This was our route home from Kuala Pilah after a stopover in Pasoh.

It is possible to cycle out from KL using this route. From Ulu Langat you'll cross the mainrange, so be prepared to climb several peaks along this route. But the way is scenic, forested hills and almost no traffic. After crossing the Selangor/Negri border, some 20 km away is a good campsite near Kg Kongkoi called "Jeram Gading" (a waterfall area). Your next station could be Pasoh and then Kuala Pilah. If you push down south towards Rembau you will find a train station to take you eastwards or back north towards KL.

All routes are taken from Malaysian Government Road Maps. These can be viewed online here.

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Photos (from top): Kuala Pilah Resthouse; a typical Negri village house design; Sri Menanti Palace; offroad in Pasoh © Reza Azmi


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