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Girk Resthouse

Some of my more memorable discoveries during my travels have been good "budget" accommodation. Living with local residents often gives you an insight into the way of life of a region. It is alsbo my first stop in a new place to learn about things to do in the area. In Malaysia, "budget accommodation" usually equates to bed & breakfasts, guesthouses or hostels. There are a number of these 'budget' listings in WILDBORNEO.net and they can be found throughout Malaysia. Be warned though, in some of the smaller (non-touristy) towns, a 'budget accommodation' is usually synonymous with the local brothel! I would also take the accommodation listings in guide books (such as Lonely Planet) lightly; do make your own enquiries directly (especially easy if they have email) or post a query to our eTravel Group or one like the Lonely Planet bulletin board "Thorn Tree" .

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Photo: Grik Government resthouse, Ulu Perak - © WILDBORNEO.net


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