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Over the years a number of people have contributed to WILDBORNEO.net, we'd like to thanks all those that have and continue to support WILDBORNEO.net TERIMA KASIH!


Dr. Reza Azmi - WILDBORNEO.net - A keen Malaysian naturalist and a professional botanist, Reza has worked on a number of conservation projects for WWF Malaysia in Sabah and Peninsular Malaysia since 1994. He has travelled extensively throughout Malaysia and, among his many projects, is currently working on compiling nature recordings of the "Rainforest at Night".


Rick Gregory - Rick is an environmental writer that seeks out the obscure sites and peculiar people of Southeast Asia. His stories have appeared in Asian Geographic, Malaysian Naturalist, Going Places, Men's Review, and ThingsAsian.com. Rick also directs the projects of Ecographica Sdn. Bhd., a consultant company that publishes nature books and provides services for NGOs and government agencies, including WWF Malaysia, TRAFFIC, Friends of the Earth and the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Tourism.


Jeet Sukumaran - FrogWeb - An active herpetologist, Jeet has been tramping around the bush in Malaysia over the last few years. He has pulled together a definitive resource-base on the Frogs of the Malay Peninsula (essentially Peninsular Malaysia and Thailand). The "new-look" of WILDBORNEO.net has also been influenced by much Jeet-isms!


Kirsteen Donaghy - Borneo Expedition - One of the orginal members of the Aberdeen University Borneo Expedition (1997). With a background in microbiology, Kirsteen continues to marvel at the wildlife still to be found in Malaysia. Together with Reza, and "Jerry", they now live in Kuala Lumpur and continue to discover Wild Malaysia.


Jane Tan - Jane had been working for WWF Malaysia for many many years before leaving the organisation recently. She has provided helpful contributions in managing the WILDBORNEO.net database.

Malaysian Nature Society

Malaysian Nature Society - As the oldest and largest local non-government environment organisation in Malaysia, the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) has played an active role in the appreciation and conservation of Malaysia's natural heritage for over half a century. MNS works closely with the Federal and State governments, the media, universities, schools, commercial firms and members of the public to protect Malaysia's precious natural gifts. MNS is a membership-based organisation, run by elected members on a voluntary non-profit basis. The society organises slide shows, talks, hikes, camping and other family activities. It also runs the Kuala Selangor Nature Park and education programmes, among others, at the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia - the site for scientific and educational work in this country for close to 100 years - and Endau-Rompin State Park in Johor. The main role of MNS, however, is conservation. It researches key habitats with a team of full-time scientific officers and volunteer scientists and has organised expeditions into various expanses of Malaysia's jungles.

Liz Price

Liz Price - Liz, a native of England, has made Malaysia her home over the last few years. She has a deep interest in caves (technically, she should be called a speleologist) and is currently researching into the caves of Malaysia. She loves travelling and is only really happy being outdoors appreciating nature.


Surin Suksuwan - A multi-talented contributer who is active not only in the Malaysian conservation-circle, but also finds the time to write, and, run a down-to-earth second-hand CD shop in the heart of KL. Currently based in the northern State of Perlis, and in true WILDBORNEO.net spirit, often writes about the not-so-popular northern gems.


Glenda Noramly - An Australian by birth, but has now firmly set roots in Malaysian soils. Glenda is one of the most enthusiastic and prolific amateur birdwatchers in Malaysia. She contributes regularly to the publications of the Malaysian Nature Society and is often called on to contribute on scientific expeditions and other ornithological surveys. With Glenda on board, the number of features on Malaysian Birds will undoubtedly grow.

Joe Adnan

Joe Adnan - Our cycle correspondent of sorts! Joe combines interests in mountain biking, the outdoors and photography to arrive at the realisation that there's too much to do in so little time. You can learn more about Joe's cycle-pursuits and photography here.

Matt Salleh

Kenny @ Matt Salleh - Orginally from Georgia, USA. Moved to Malaysia in July of 2001 to marry his wonderful wife, Geetha. Spends his working days as a teacher, and the rest of his time mountain biking, writting poems, and going on natural adventures...he writes, "I can't begin to describe the amazing beauty and wonderful adventures I have had in this wonderful country. I look forward to having more in the future. I hope you enjoy my articles!" You can also read his travel journals here: http://www.gypsyjournal.com/


MalaysiaGIS.com - MalaysiaGIS.com is a locally-driven website targetting anyone who wants to produce, use, create and manage spatial information in Malaysia. This is one of the first few sites in Malaysia that aims to nurture more folk into using geographic information in Malaysia. Our interactive maps are the result of a collaboration between them and WILDBORNEO.net. Other collaborations include the interactive maps for the Subang Jaya community website and WWF Malaysia. We hope to launch other projects in the future together...keep watching this space!

Mangrove Pitta

Mah Teck Oon is a member of the MNS-Bird Conservation Council. An experienced birder, his speciality lies in waterbirds, especially shorebirds. In his free time, he can often be found scanning the ash ponds of the Kapar Power Station (Selangor coast), one of Peninsular Malaysia's most "Important Bird Areas" (IBA) and premier site for migrating waterbirds. When he is not 'hunting' for shorebirds, he works for IJM Corp in Petaling Jaya."


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