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Batu Dam Offroad Trails

Selangor, Peninsular Malaysia

By Joe Adnan
Using these Trail Guides

All jungle trails attempted using these guides are taken at your own risk! Several pointers have been given including kilometer readings and GPS waypoints to help you along. They are merely guides but it still helps to pay attention to the trail ahead and keep that brain in gear. Moreover, print out the trail guide and have it handy with you. That at least takes care of not getting lost. The rest is all about being jungle-savvy. Read up: Using a GPS for biking or Choosing a GPS.

Riding through the bamboo groves © Joe Adnan
Trail Head

From KL, take Jalan Kuching heading North. Take the exit at Batu Caves, signposted for Kuantan. At the roundabout take 3 o'clock. Continue for a short distance on this dual-carriageway and take the left sliproad heading downhill. Continue left, crossing the railway track. At the traffic lights adjacent to the mosque, turn right towards Sungai Tua. Continue on this road until it ends at the entrance to the Batu Dam. Either park at the car park by these gates (km 0) or continue left past the gates, driving uphill until you reach the lakeshore. You can park the car by the lake shore, at N03.16.47 E101.41.06 (All GPS coordinates are rounded to the nearest hundredth of a minute, with SA off.). If you are cycling here in the late afternoon, do take note that the gates to the dam close at 7 pm.

Route Directions

There are at least 2 loops: an easier clockwise circuit circumnavigating the lake, and a more demanding counter-clockwise loop.

From the lakeshore car park (km 0.3), head North along the lake shore (i.e., away from the dam embankment). You will cross a couple of small creeks but stay on the most obvious path (be warned, at one point, you’ll come to a clearing where the path will bend to the left with a path to the right that leads you down to a small stream). Continue on the left till you cycle into a large bamboo grove at N03.17.62 E101.40.95. Within this bamboo grove, the path will swoop left and there will be a small path to the right (km 5). Take this right fork, and keep left at the next junction till you reach a stream. Cross this stream into another dusun and keep on the main path. The trail eventually climbs several steep pitches before reaching a junction at N03.17.95 E101.41.31 (km 5.5). By the way, if you had gone right at the second fork this will also lead you down to the same stream (downriver from where you want to be), but it is an access route to yet more “dusuns” (orchards)!

At junction at N03.17.95 E101.41.31 (km 5.5), taking the right turn is a scenic option and will involve some road cycling. The trail will take you downhill to the northern most end of the lake where you can exit close to the Batu Caves - Ulu Yam road (the road should be on your left once you exit the forest) km 7. Once you hit the road, at the entrance to the Riverstone Ecoresort, turn right and continue on the main road and pass two picnic spots (the second will be a convenient drink-station; the makcik who mans the mobile snack-stop assures me she is there most weekends). At the third picnic stop “R1” (km 11?), thankfully, just before the road starts to climb steeply, you’ll find the eastern entrance to Batu Dam. Either skirt round the main entrance gates, or try the gate as it might be open – despite an intimidating looking chain. Follow the tarmac road that will take you over the dam embankment and back to the lake shore car park. If you parked at the bottom, look left for a short cut down the grassy bank that will lead you back to the car park. The total distance of this clockwise loop is 13 kilometers.

At junction at N03.17.95 E101.41.31 (km 5.5), taking the left turn, you have opted for the tougher option, but quite fun nonetheless. It climbs at a moderate incline for about 400 meters before a long and furious descent down to a stream (do be aware, at the top of this descent there is a junction, keep left). Cross the river ahead of you and you'll find the path taking you eastwards. There is another 1-2 km ahead of you. The trail climbs a little more before its final, steep, descent through a bamboo forest. You will have looped back counter-clockwise to the lakeshore, to join the in-going trail at N03.17.40 E101.40.64 (km 5.5). Turn right to retrace the initial 3 kilometers or so to the lakeshore carpark. Total distance of this loop is about 12 kilometers.

Updated: 23 Sept 2002, Joe Adnan and Reza Azmi

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Photo: Riding into the bamboo groves © Joe Adnan


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