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WILDBORNEO.net is a home-grown initiative that aims to share the best of Nature & Travel in Malaysia. I began WILDBORNEO.net back in 1998 when I was experimenting with using the web as the platform to support village-level nature tourism initiatives in Sabah. From those humble beginnings, we have grown and can proudly say that we are a "nation-wide initiative". One man maintains the web site, me, and all content has been produced by myself or with the help of a small pool of contributors. From the onset I have aimed to provide the most accurate information on WILDBORNEO.net and strive to provide a service to all travelers to Malaysia.

How to Use WILDBORNEO.net

One day I will get round to revamping the entire infrastructure of WILDBORNEO.net...in the meantime, you will have to bear with this set up! Much of our site is divided into DESTINATIONS and ACTIVITIES. This will essentially help you orientate yourself through WILDBORNEO.net. If all fails, just SEARCH (a search box is on every sidebar) for what you want. All pages on WILDBORNEO.net have been indexed.

If you have found what you are looking for on this website, great, support WILDBORNEO.net by letting others know! You can also support WILDBORNEO.net by booking online, not only will you get to save some money, you'll also help keep this initiative alive!

WILDBORNEO.net, Planning Ahead

WILDBORNEO.net is almost four years old. Some exciting new partnerships are currently being discussed as you read this. This includes possible sponsorships of our site infrastructure and the possibility of enhancing our web-based features to build a more user-freindly site. This is a great step forward as it will leave me to focus more on the site's content. 2003 also offers new possibilities with the help of other resource people...expanding into other Asian countries and also using the web to more directly support conservation projects in the region.

In helping us to improve, I would appreciate it if you were to spend a short time to fill in this survey form. Just click here and enter survey number 3129 in the "Take A Survey box" to take our survey. Thank you for your continued support of WILDBORNEO.net!

To view the latest results, click here, to view a snapshot of the survey results as of 16th December 2002. Big thanks to all those that had taken the time to fill out the survey. Cheers!

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Special Deals when you Book Online

As a service to our visitors, WILDBORNEO.net has partnered up with several companies to allow you to make online bookings. By booking through WILDBORNEO.net, not only will you get special deals on your tours or accomodations, you will also help us keep the Wild Borneo dream alive. Don't forget, if you got what you were looking for on WILDBORNEO.net, let others know!

Get listed

Getting listed on WILDBORNEO.net is FREE! We encourage anyone involved in nature tourism in Malaysia to submit their details. This could be anyone offering accommodation, travel services, or tours (especially those overseas that organises tours to Malaysia). Simply fill up our "Get Listed" form and submit this back to WILDBORNEO.net.

Give Back to the Community

You've read up about where you want to go; you've travelled; now it is time to give back to the community. Share your experiences or help others along their way. Sign up as a Travel Helper and be part of a growing network of like-minded people who love the great Malaysian wilderness. As an individual or someone in the nature tourism business, this community is for everyone.

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